Business Rules and Decision Management System

The Classic OpenRules® is a general purpose Business Rules and Decision Management System (BRDMS) available as an Open Source product. It allows subject matter experts and software developers to create, test, execute, and maintain decision models incorporated into enterprise-class decision-making applications.

For 15+ years, OpenRules BRDMS helped organizations worldwide to incorporate sophisticated decision logic into their business applications with one main objective:

“Create rules-based Operational Business Decision Services for modern enterprises and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change.”


OpenRules® allows business analysts to develop, test, and maintain rules-based business decision models and easily incorporate them in  decision-making applications. OpenRules® doesn’t force users to learn proprietary graphical interfaces or special languages. Using familiar MS Excel® (or Google Sheets®) and the standard File Manager, subject matter experts can:

    • Create Business Decision Models with Excel and powerful OpenRules templates for representation of the sophisticated decision logic
    • Test/Debug/Execute/Analyze Decision Models with OpenRules engines
    • Deploy Decision Models as decision services on-cloud or on-premise.

The Classic OpenRules® BRDMS has proven records being in real-world production environments for many major corporations. In 2019 OpenRules, Inc. developed a new product “OpenRules® Decision Manager”  that uses the same decision models  but specifically optimized for cloud platforms that support millions of rules-based transactions per day.