Licensing and Downloads

OpenRules Classic supports a dual licensing policy that makes its software available to both open source and commercial customers:

GPL Licenses for Open Source Projects. If your application is open-source (available under the terms an open source license), you are free to use OpenRules without any license fee under the terms of GPLv2, the GNU General Public License. Keep in mind, that the GPL requires any “derivative works” to be also covered by GPL.  In particular, it means that source code of the applications that are based or use OpenRules should be made publicly available. Read more.

Non-GPL Licenses for Commercial Projects.  If you are developing, using, distributing, or providing services with non open-source applications and these applications are based on or use OpenRules software, you must obtain OpenRules commercial licenses. To learn more about OpenRules commercial licenses please click here.

Using “Powered By OpenRules” Logo. The “Powered by OpenRules” logo should be presented on web pages describing products or services that use or are based on the OpenRules software.  When users click on the “Powered by OpenRules” logo it must direct them to