Commercial License

Customers who prefer not to be restricted by the terms of the GPL license need to purchase OpenRules Classic Commercial License. Commercially licensed customers are not bound to the requirement of making their own application open-sourced and they receive commercially supported software with warranty from OpenRules, Inc.

Typical examples when you need to purchase commercial licenses include (but not limited to) the following cases:

    • Incorporating OpenRules into applications that are not licensed under the GPL or a GPL-compatible license
    • Selling software that includes OpenRules to customers who install the software on their own machines
    •  Selling software that requires customers to install OpenRules themselves on their own machines
    •  Selling services using SaaS models based on software that includes OpenRules
    •  Distributing a free demo or trail version of your applications that requires OpenRules.

Purchase. You may purchase OpenRules Classic Commercial License by paying $4,995.00 for the first year. You would need to renew your license annually by paying %20 of then retail fee. If you prefer a wire transfer, please contact us at and we will provide you with the bank requisites of OpenRules, Inc.

One commercial license covers one installation of OpenRules Classic Software on any single computer, provided the Software is in use on only one computer at any time.  The Software is “in use” on a computer when it is loaded into temporary memory (RAM) or installed into the permanent memory of a computer.  One license allows you to install 1 copy of our software on any single physical or virtual machine, provided this installation is in use on only one machine at any time.

With one license the Software can be installed on no more than one application server.  There are no restrictions on the number of applications installed on the same server and that share the same installation of the Software.  There are no restrictions on the number of CPUs on this computer.  There are no restrictions on the number of clients using server-based applications.  Contact to request the commercial license text.

Possible Discount Options:

    • You may receive a possible discount based on a number of required licenses.
    • You may also purchase commercial licenses together with one of our commercial discounted support packages.
    • You may be eligible to a discounted license fee if you represent a non-profit, an academic institution, or a startup.
    • ISVs and OEMs may sign special license agreements with OpenRules, Inc. based on a concrete way they incorporate OpenRules in their product and service offerings.

To receive a discount option please contact describing your particular situation.