Evaluation Version

Free Remote Evaluation. You may evaluate the classic OpenRules BRDMS for free without any downloads by analyzing and remotely executing the standard and custom decision models included in the online OpenRules Decision Model Analyzer.

Download Evaluation Version. To download and install an evaluation version of the Classic OpenRules BRDMS at your own machine, you need to pay a nominal fee of $19.95 by visiting the OpenRules Store. After the payment, you will receive your download attributes. Why a fee?

The downloaded OpenRules® software is subject to the terms of the Open Source GPL license unless you purchase a commercial non-GPL license – see Licensing Policy.

Potential customers who have difficulties paying a nominal fee have the opportunity to pay nothing by sending a request to cannotpay@openrules.com with a brief explanation.

If you have questions or comments send them to support@openrules.com.

If you’ve already purchased one of these books “Goal-Oriented Decision Modeling with OpenRules” or “DMN in Action with OpenRules” at Amazon, please send an email to support@openrules.com with the following message:

“I’ve purchased the book “Goal-Oriented Decision Modeling” or “DMN in Action”. My Amazon Book Order# is <your order number>. Please provide me with OpenRules download attributes.”

If you already received the download attributes, please click here.